Event Planning


Festivals, ceremonies, competitions, parties, concerts, conventions. Budgeting, dates, sites, permits, transportation and parking.

Live Shows


Production of Live broadcast, musicals, live performances, real-time television production broadcast for promotion festivals, conferences, fairs, recording, in private houses, nightclubs, concert halls, entertainment centres and parks.

Artist Booking


Representation of artists or group of artists in different cities or locations, live event support with professional audio and video equipment.



Developing themes, arranging artists, presenters and speakers, location support (video, lighting and sound), decor, tents, security, catering, signage.



Audio equipment microphones, radio receivers, cameras, amplifiers, mixing consoles, effects units and loudspeakers. Video equipment cameras, teminals, disks. Lighting equipment for stage and interiors. Equipment testing.

Audio and Video


Digital film recording. Real-time video editing. Post-production, editing and mixing, graphic superimposing, special effects, title motion. Sound effects, additional dialogue recording, music soundtrack, mixing.